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You are going to love working with Minnick Group! We love what we do, and it shows.
We are idealists at heart. We believe that America is good...but we can, and should, be better. Politics plays a crucial role in seeing justice and equality for every individual and group in our society.
We are a full-service, non-partisan, campaign and government affairs consulting company that believes in the free market economy. We believe the American system of competitive, adversarial elections is the greatest in the world. And we feel lucky to play our part in that system.
We love politics because a soccer mom can be a Senator; she just has to get her neighbors to vote for her. And that is why we do it.  
We love convincing neighbors.
And we love to win.

"We stay awake at night so you don't have to; think through every scenario so you don't have to. And when you win, and you probably will, we will be almost as happy as you will be."

-Chad Minnick

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